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The Hitachi Wand is the best way for women to experience numerous multiple orgasms simultaneously!

Every lesbian has been in XXX toy stores. We have played with warming gels and strap-ons and edible underwear.  Then, of course, the more risque have nipple stimuli, anal beads and Taiwan swings. But, dollars to donuts, there is one toy that every lesbian I know cannot live without! Now, before I pop your cherry, and tell you why this product is THE BEST, let’s all think about what is so much better about lesbian sex.

Hitachi Magic Wand
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I can still recall, heh, quite vividly my first weekend with a woman. The romance, the burning fire keeping us warm while snow fell onto the cabin in the mountains. I have had men, but this weekend blew my mind!  She came prepared, with all kinds of toys. Dripping wax, body paints, and I was good until the anal beads….ahhh memories.  What I loved the most then is what most of us love the most now. The soft skin touching, long hair cascading onto my breasts, over my belly, as she made her way down to my first experience of multiple orgasms. How sweet it was.

Jump ahead to a pride festival, years later, and ending up in a toy store at midnight. With my new love, exhibitionism and toys were plentiful. Any visit to the toy store, and I was $300 richer with fun vibrators and shapes and attachments.  We tried them all. And then they sat in a bag, a Disney bag at that, on the top shelf of our closet.  No lesbian bed death, but our toy days were over.

Hitachi Magic Wand
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Then enter my older sister, a straight divorcee who has been self-pleasuring in my own home, with the “special” shower head she asked me to put up. As her caregiver, she tells me “I need a vibrator. “. Her Multiple Sclerosis didn’t change her hyper-sexuality. Then, she shows me an ad for a Hitachi Magic Wand. She said this is the only one. So, a quick visit to Ebay, and a few days later, her toy arrives.  This one does not take batteries.  It came with multiple attachments for the G-spot, clitoral stimulation, etc. Then I saw the only problem, the cord. This puppy needs to be plugged in as you use it. So plug it in she did, and the high setting was so powerful to touch, it simply blew my mind.  I had to have one! Today, it even comes rechargeable and cordless! But look out for lesser quality impostors! Fakes are less safe, and have rounded vs. rectangular on/off switches.

Hitachi Magic Wand
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It was designed as a powerful “masseur”, but it is the only “toy” at my house. A simple soap and water wash of the top, and viola, clean. The power this baby packs is great for two! The Hitachi Wand is the best way for women to experience numerous multiple orgasms simultaneously! While you moan, you will know that, with a Hitachi Wand, you will want for nothing else!

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