Calvin Klein

The designer and his muse have been spotted together on the red carpet and on vacation.

Has Cupid hit Calvin Klein again? The designer, 74, has been spotted frequently with model Kevin Baker. While the couple hasn’t addressed their relationship publicly, they have appeared on the American Ballet Theatre red carpet together, holding hands.

Calvin Klein

They were also photographed together at the ACRIA holiday dinner at the 69th Regiment Armory in December.

More casually, Baker, 29, posted a recent video from St. Barth’s, where Klein was just spotted by paparazzi with a “mysterious” shirtless younger man.

Klein was married to Jane Centre from 1964 to 1974, and the two are parents to TV producer Marci Klein. He later wed assistant Kelly Rector in 1986, and the two remained married—at least in name—until 2006.

Calvin Klein

More recently he dated 21-year-old porn actor and model Nick Gruber, beginning in 2011. Gruber proved to be something of a wild child, though, getting arrested on cocaine charges and being thrown out of Fire Island’s Ascension party.

Baker seems a lot more level-headed, though in 2011 Queerty reported some x-rated work Baker did had resurfaced and his agency was trying to get it taken down.

In potentially unrelated news, Kevin Baker is a twin—his brother, Joel, is also a model.

Get to know Kevin Baker a little better below.


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