Porn star Rebecca More has launched an exclusive line of t-shirts to sport this Pride season.

The range is a collaboration with Daddy Couture, a brand celebrating ‘the kitsch, the wit and the buoyant’.

The t-shirts are available in white and black and feature More’s face with her lips painted in rainbow colors.

Pride merch also includes crop tops, tank tops and hoodies. And yes, there’s also a ‘cock-destroyer’ t-shirt.

‘Rebecca is donating all of her shares to LGBTI charity and we didn’t pay her for the collab,’ a spokesperson for Daddy Couture told GSN.

‘How amazing is she?’

Daddy Couture explained they are donating a portion of the profits as well.

More has reached the status of gay icon, after releasing a famous, tongue-in-cheek video in October 2018.

In the video shared on Twitter, More and her colleague Sophie Anderson describe themselves as ‘cock-destroyers’.

Queer Twitter quickly went wild, praising More’s sex-positive attitude and including her among the most iconic straight allies of recent times.


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