Do you like hummus? Are you a fan of hot guys? Then have we got the Instagram for you!

Sizzling Instagram account Hot Dudes And Hummus gives you your recommended daily allowance of gorgeous guys posing with vegan-friendly hummus – please enjoy as part of a balanced diet.

Who says food can’t be sexy?

Need a hand with all that hummus?

Hummus brunch sounds perfect to us.

Sun, sea, studs and, ermm… hummus?

Don’t get that hummus wet!

We’d let this guy feed us hummus any day.

You can make moustaches from hummus too #masc4masc

Artsy hummus is cool too.

Hummus and chill? Yes please.

The best combo is hummus, hot guys and LGBT pride.


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  1. When is it world meat eating day? I would rather celebrate that 🙂

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