The actor and former teen heartthrob, who you probably watched in One Tree Hill or A Cinderella Story in the early 2000s, recently sat down with BuzzFeed to read the internet’s thirstiest tweets about him, and obviously gay men wrote many of them.

“Chad Michael Murray’s 2005 nipples turned me gay,” one tweet read. Same, hun.

“Have they changed since 2005? So not 2019 nipples, but 2005 nipples,” Chad replied. “Cool man. Glad I paved the path. Appreciate it, brother. I get credit.”

Elsewhere in the video, Chad jokes he had to take his shirt off to “fit in” with the cast of Riverdale, says being called daddy is “kinda weird” for him, and reveals that his “many unfashionable trends” have always been his choice.

Watch the video below.


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