Carver stars in sexy new gay biobic, I Am Michael, with Zachary Quinto and James Franco

Charlie Carver reveals all after the release of gay biopic, I Am Michael.

I Am Michael details the life of Michael Glatze, a prominent gay activist who renounced his homosexuality and turned to religion.
Starring Zachary Quinto and James Franco, Carver plays the character of Tyler, a college student caught up in a three way romance.

And yes, there’s a three way sex scene.


Carver came out in January last year and says working alongside out-gay actor Zachary Quinto has been immensely rewarding.

‘I’m so glad to have met, worked with and become friends with Zach,’ Carver said.

‘He’s somebody who I admire very much and somebody who has carried who he is out in the public in a very admirably way.’

Charlie Carver on coming out

Carver came out via a series of photos on Instagram: ‘Part of my decision to come out was because I was ready to take on that conversation in a more public forum.

‘For me, I wanted to feel I was in a place where I could work comfortably and where I felt like I had something to say,’ he said.

Carver is best known for his roles in Desperate Housewives, Teen Wolf and also The Leftovers.

But the actor has always appeared alongside his straight identical twin brother.

Carver said: ‘I’ve always considered myself very lucky to work with my brother.

‘Hollywood can be tough,’ he added.

Since coming out, Carver explains that he’s more conscious about what roles he wants to play: ‘I just think, “How can I create? How can I have the career I want, but also, how can I contribute to expanding the narrative available to LGBT people and the narrative for people to see?”

‘I think there are a lot of stories that happen to include LGBT voices that aren’t told,’ he said.

Watch the trailer for I Am Michael:


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