Happy Wednesday! It’s another InstaHottie post, aren’t you lucky! Today we are ogling over the Australian hunk Josh Popenko.

With his Instagram account filled with naked pictures, bulging muscles and… goats, it’s easy to see why we chose him this week. We spoke to Josh and got to know a little more about him.

Hi Josh! Great to speak to you. Where are you today?

Hi, Great to speak with you as well ! I’m out in my back patio in Brisbane, Australia.


We’ve selected you as this week’s InstaHottie! How do you feel about this prestigious title?

Although an honour; when I think of my self depreciating humour and piss-taking ways seen on my Instagram, it is a title I never would have expected. However it is an appreciated stroke to the ego, so thank you very much.

You’re quite the exhibitionist, and you’re certainly not shy about showing your body. Where does that confidence come from?

At times I think I should be shy about it, but then I watch videos of people streaking and I feel a sort of kinship with them. Like, I get it man, let your little willy fly free. There’s also something incredibly rewarding about people seeing your flaws, weird shapes and things you may be concerned about physically and then learning nothing bad happens. No one cares. And neither should I.


What’s your gym routine like?

It’s been a truly gruelling process to develop one that works for me. It’s taken years of constantly learning and developing ways of pretending to know what I’m doing by discreetly mimicking the buff gym dudes before they clue onto the fact they’re being watched and copied.

You feature your pet goats on your Instagram quite a bit! Quite the unconventional pet! Why goats?

Aren’t they just great? I’m a country kid and have always grown up with farm animals. I guess I didn’t want to let living inner city stop me from getting the pets I really wanted. Where there’s a will there’s a way and I’m a little bit proud of myself for making the dream of owning two beautiful little hoofed idiots in the city a reality.


You look as good in heels as you do naked, do you enjoy blurring that masculine/feminine line?

Thank you and absolutely. Im a piss taker by nature, wether it be making fun of Insta models or poking fun at myself; toying with gender pressures and type casts of sexuality is totally my gig. Plus, after a long hard day on the tools, there’s nothing quite like kicking off your work boots, cracking a beer and having a mince around in my pink fluffy heels.


Butt or bulge?


Heels or flats?

I think we can guess the answer to that one.


Spice Girls or Destiny’s Child?

Destiny’s child. Minus Michelle and that other hand break.

Kylie or Dannii?

Amy Winehouse. (I’m triggered senseless, Josh)

Beer or wine?

Bathe me in beer.


And finally, what’s next for Josh Popenko?

I’ve never really travelled and I’m really excited to start doing so. A world of experience and photo opportunities awaits me. Also,

Youtube the words cross+dressed+farmer. The first video that comes up is a very clear glimpse into my future and honestly, I embrace it. Also, Thanks for the interview, I really enjoyed it!


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