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Movilh Chile video

MOVILH reports that if you’re in Chile, it only costs $35 to beat a gay man. 

Sergio Acosta (25) and José Luis Campos (33) were in their Navidad, Chile electronics shop when one of three customers requested an exchange of a product he purchased for a less expensive option. Through the translation, we summarize that the customer did not offer the purchased item for exchange and the business transaction went sour. One of the owners said no to the return/exchange, making the shopper angry. 

At 33 seconds into the video, the altercation becomes physical. Showing their fragile sexuality, the men start to restrain the store owners, Acosta first, and beat them.

Campos was retained while Acosta was harmed and then both were shoved to the ground and assaulted.

The fragile straight men pulled hair and punched the store owners in the face and made the assault more than about a business transaction as they told the men to shut up and used the creative slurs of f*gg*t, bottom, and not sure why they threw in motherf*ck*r as the men were gay. Confused straight men. 

The men were arrested, but hey, it’s Chile, so the men were charged around 1 Unidad Tributaria Mensual (UTM) (monthly tax unit) which is currently 48,600 Chilean pesos or about 70 US dollars.

So, in Chile, it only costs $35 to beat someone because you do not like what they may do in their bedroom. Then again, in some nations, there are no fines for hate, but instead death penalties for being LGBTQ+. 

Things need to change and maybe Chile can look at itself in the mirror and realize that there needs to be change, laws need to be humane. 

Source: MOVILH

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