Christian Protester Laughs Uncontrollably At Gay Man Grieving Husband’s Death

Christian Protester Laughs Uncontrollably At Gay Man Grieving Husband’s Death

Christian Protester
Christian Protester

As a grieving husband delivered a speech remembering his late partner’s life, a Christian protester interrupted him to openly mock his grief with uncontrollable laughter.


Dr Paul Hard, who waged a legal fight to have the State of Alabama recognize his late husband as his husband, attempted to speak through the multiple interruptions before a man in the crowed began to laugh, reports John Archibald, a columnist who attended the press conference.

“You can’t have a husband,” the man scolded.

The deplorable incident occurred in Alabama, at a press conference organized by the Human Rights Campaign. A few hundred feet away, Alabama’s Chief Justice Roy Moore was speaking to a crowd after he was suspended for defying the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling because in his failed attempt to derail the “agenda of the homosexual movement.”

Moore was surrounded by supporters holding signs like ‘homosexuality destroy families’ and ‘sodomy ruins nations,’ reports Instinct.

Dr Paul Hard

After the incident, Archibald took to to express his disgust with the protester’s actions:“How can any man, no matter his position on Roy Moore or any issue, stand before another and mock his pain?

“How can one stand under the banner of God and laugh at another man’s death?

“How — in the name of God — can one deride genuine grief?”

Dr. Paul Hard married David Fancher in 2011 in Massachusetts. Just a few months later Fancher was killed in an auto accident. His marriage was officially recognized by the State of Alabama in February of 2015, after a lengthy legal battle.

He added:

“Christians cannot let these people define their religion. All they have is volume. As a substitute for moral authority.”

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