Jessica Lundquist and Tiffany Steinberg recently returned to the Huntington Beach pier in Orange County, California to celebrate their second anniversary in the same place where they held hands in public for the very first time.

Unfortunately, while they were out celebrating, they were approached by an unfamiliar man.

Lundquist said, “he got uncomfortably close…he said that we were ‘unnatural’ and we were going to hell for our actions…we were just trying to get away from the conversation.”

More from OC Weekly:

The video below shows the man continuing to follow them and express his views about their sexuality despite them repeatedly asking him to leave them alone. Steinberg felt he wanted to embarrass them and wasn’t sure if he was dangerous, so she began yelling “I’m gay” in the video as an attempt to get people to come help them. A woman approaches in their defense who then accuses the man of harassing them to which he then claims he’s a criminal defense attorney and harassment is a “very subjective term”. He then identifies himself, giving them permission to film him because he wants to get his message out but when they tell him ‘no one agrees with you’ he responds by saying, “they do actually, this is the Trump era and you’re going to see a whole lot of things changing.”

The couple later vlogged about the experience on their YouTube channel:

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