gay and dad

A video of semi naked daddy performing work out with his little son has gone viral so quickly. It got over 1 million views on Facebook in just two days. So we have decided to share this video and some more Instagram videos and photo shots with you.

This viral video shows Cirque du Soleil artist Wayne Skivington demonstating impressive feats of his strength, with his small son sitting on his back.


This “calisthenics super dad” is teaching his son how to live a healthy lifestyle by integrating him into his intense core workouts.

Check it out:

This couple is so cute that we can’t stop admiring their skills and strength:

Dad’s hard and muscle body, undeniable skills, and their sweet relationship make this video too perfect to pass up. Don’t skip, just watch it!

They are both so cute!

And the video from Facebook that gone viral:


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