April 7, 2016 is a historical day for the LGBT community as The Constitutional Court of Colombia has ruled that beginning today same-sex couples can get married throughout the South American nation.

The 6-3 ruling provides equal marriage rights for same-sex couples. Judges and notaries are have the legal duty to legalize same-sex unions.

In 2011 the national Congress was ordered to create a law for same-sex marriage by 2013, but those in charge failed to gather and solve the problem. Instead they technically gave same-sex couples the right to be in a legal union. Most judges and notaries declined request coming from same-sex couples, thing that now is not allowed anymore. Judges and notaries don’t have the legal right to decline such requests, furthermore same-sex couples can get married and not only be in a legal union.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and those who support it celebrated the event:

“Today’s ruling by Colombia’s Constitutional Court marks an important moment for LGBT Colombians, and we congratulate the country’s many LGBT advocates who helped make this day possible,” said Deputy Director of HRC Globa, Jean Freedberg.
“Following victories for LGBT advocates in Ireland in May and in the United States in June, today’s ruling makes clear that global momentum for marriage equality has continued to grow, and we’re hopeful that other nations will provide same-sex couples the right to marry the person they love in the year ahead.”

Colombia Gay Marriage

The marriage equality continues to expand worldwide, and that’s a reason to celebrate in the hope that all the countries, one by one will legalize same-sex marriage and more people will accept that this is our human right.

Now people feel finally equal and happy.

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