Calvin Klein

Just hand him the Academy Award already…

Colton Haynes has issued a warning about his forthcoming new movie Rough Night. You might need to sit down for this one.

Taking to his official Snapchat (which is at c0ltonhaynes, if you’ve yet to add him), the Hollywood actor teased that he may be showing quite a bit of flesh in his new role.

“I’m nervous because I may or may not have a lot of clothes on in this movie and I don’t know what made the trailer or not,” he said.

Calvin Klein

“So you guys might be seeing something soon.”

However, here’s where the bad news comes: the R-rated trailer debuted and there was no naked Colton.

He did, however, make a very brief appearance as a police officer. Or is all as it seems?

Rough Night also stars Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer and Zoë Kravitz as five friends who accidentally kill a stripper during a bachelorette party.

Don’t worry: the stripper isn’t played by Colton.

Watch the trailer for Rough Night below:


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