Big congratulations are in order for Corey Johnson, who just became elected speaker of the New York City council on Wednesday.

Corey, who is openly gay, is the first person with HIV to be elected in this position, which happens to be the second most powerful elected official in city government outside of the mayor.

gay mayor

“We believe in New York where no one is targeted simply because of who they are — Muslim New Yorkers, immigrants, the undocumented, African Americans, Jewish New Yorkers, transgender New Yorkers,” said Corey in a speech he gave after the vote. “We must reject hate in all its forms and stand united against bigotry and racism.”

Corey worked as former New York City Public Advocate Mark Green’s political director during his unsuccessful 2006 state attorney general campaign. He is also an accomplished journalist, having previously written for Towleroad and a GLAAD staff writer who was open about his struggles with drugs and alcohol.

Congratulations Corey!

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