Couple Can’t Escape Homophobic Landlord From Hell Who Follows Them Everywhere

Couple Can’t Escape Homophobic Landlord From Hell Who Follows Them Everywhere

gay couple

Crappy landlords. We’ve all had one or two over the course of our adult lives. It’s just the reality of being a renter. But chances are you’ve never had one quite like Olly McLellan and Scott Cole’s.

The couple just went public with their landlord horror story, which includes no shortage of nasty notes, passive aggressive parking insults, illegal trespassing, trash dumps, and harassment all garnished with a healthy serving of homophobia.

“His behavior was just shocking because homosexuality and same sex marriage is not unheard of anymore,” 32-year-old Olly tells Metro.

gay coupleIt all started back in January when the guys moved into a house owned by landlord Jason Gwillim. According to the couple, everything was fine at first. Until Gwillim learned that they were gay. That’s when he started blocking their driveway with his car and ignoring repairs.

“I’m not sure if the estate agents told him before we moved in that we were gay, they thought two guys were moving into a two-bed house,” Olly continues. “But it’s got nothing to do with him whether we’re just friends or in a relationship so long as we pay the rent on time.”

The situation quickly escalated. Olly says Gwillim began letting himself into the house when they weren’t home, and shouting homophobic slurs at them whenever he saw them.

“He was there all the time and was shouting abuse at us like ‘poofs’,” he recalls. “It was just a nightmare. We were scared to come home if he was there and to leave the house if he was outside.”

Olly says they started to feel like “prisoners.”

“It got to a point where we got home for work and saw him in the house,” he says. “We went and waited in a supermarket carpark until he had gone.”

When they tried reporting Gwillim to authorities, the men were told it was a civil matter and police could not intervene. Six months into their 12-month lease agreement, they finally reached their limit and moved out.

They found another house located more than ten miles away. But shortly after moving in, they returned home to find the following note:

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