Theirs is a love story for the ages. It began at first sight and has lasted throughout the decades. It has now grown stronger, despite illness and distance.

Hope you remember a couple Takashi Nakaya, 53 and Dale Green, 85, who decided to get married right in the hospital.

Their happiness didn’t last for a long time.


There is no time like the present. Life is short. Live life to the fullest. Stop and smell the roses. Get off your ass and enjoy the life you have.

There are so many phrases that tell us we need to enjoy the time we have on this earth to the fullest.  We shared such a story just weeks ago with After 30 Years Together, Gay Couple Finally Weds In VA Hospital.  It was a story of love that last and is finally legally celebrated. Unfortunately, time does catch up with all of us and, we lost one of these inspirational men, just shortly after they tied the knot.

Troy Masters shares Dale and Takashi’s story with us once again over at  He opens the entry with:

Dale Green, an 85-year old gay Korean War veteran, died October 14, 2016 after a heroic and painfully short battle with Stage 4 melanoma. He died after fulfilling his most important wish—marrying Takashi Nakaya, his partner of 31 years, in an emotional August 2016 bedside ceremony at the West Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital.Dale’s story is a personal one for me. He became my friend in only the past year, but the brief time we spent together was filled with intelligence, wit, soul and an unyielding curiosity for love and life. He stayed in my home several times and became part of my family. Arturo, my partner of 15 years and our dog, 12 year old Lilly, loved him. And the trauma of his sudden decline has been piercing.His story has continued to unwind in multidimensional ways, just as a life well-lived should. –

For the whole story of their loving years before marriage, head over to

Our thoughts are with friends, family, loved ones, and those touched by Dale and Takashi’s story.  It was is one of love, a love we all wish to have and hold forever.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help his husband pay his final expenses.



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