Cuba is getting one step closer to legalizing marriage equality.

The communist country of Cuba has been making great strides in terms of LGBTQ rights, such as non-discrimination laws, in the past few years. This is mostly due to the advocacy of Castro’s niece Mariela Castro.

According to Reuters, Cuba’s secretary of the council of state, Homero Acosta, told lawmakers earlier today that the new constitution will open the door to gay marriage.

As for why they are drafting a new construction, it’s because Cuba’s government is currently trying to replace its 1976 Soviet-era Magna Carta.

The current draft for the update is being worked on by a commission led by former President, and father to Mariela, Raul Castro. The draft defines matrimony as between two individuals rather than between a man and a woman.

“The possibility of marriage between two people strengthens our project’s principles of equality and justice,” Acosta told lawmakers.

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That said, it’s not time to celebrate yet. The new constitution hasn’t been passed and can be altered before that. In addition, there would need to be further changes before gay marriage would become legal in Cuba.

That said, there are several people fighting for marriage equality and gay rights in general.

Activist Isbel Diaz Torrez posted to social media that he and his colleagues will continue to fight until marriage equality and other rights were given to LGBTQ citizens.

“We will continue in the streets until the final process of the constitutional reform,” said Diaz Torres. “And after the constitutional modification has been approved, we must ensure that same sex marriage is approved.”

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