Is Melania’s dress a subtle sign for support of LGBTQ rights? / Screenshot via Twitter @realDonaldTrump

Gay Twitter is trying really hard to see ally support from a surprising place in the White House.

On July 4th, Donald and Melania Trump held a “Salute to America” event in honor of U.S. Independence Day. While at the event, Melania wore a white dress with multi-colored stripes. While this outfit was different than the red, white, and blue outfits worn by her husband, Vice President Mike Pence and second lady Karen Pence, it was a small difference. But, gay people on twitter are very good at turning something little into something big.

This time, Twitter users were convinced that Melania Trump’s dress was a subtle sign of support for LGBTQ Pride.

“Is @FLOTUS wearing a gay pride dress at Trump’s 4th of July celebration?” one Twitter user wrote in response to Trump’s original tweet about the event and holiday.

“@FLOTUS loving the gay pride rainbow subtlety,” wrote another.

“Good to see Melania Trump wearing her gay pride dress today,” stated a third user. “We are reminded that some people are still fighting for liberty. #TrumpParade#IndependenceDay”

But let’s be honest, supporting LGBTQ Pride and LGBTQ people was probably not Melania Trump’s intent. While it’s very clear to many of us that the First Lady is not too fond of her husband, we doubt she’d go so far as subtly protesting him, and his anti-LGBTQ political actions, through a dress. Though, this isn’t the first time that people speculated that Melania is doing so.

Back in 2017, The White House held a congressional picnic on the same weekend as New York City’s Pride parade. At the time, Melania wore a White and Rainbow dress, and the Hollywood Reporter wrote, “Could the FLOTUS be using her wardrobe to silently protest against her husband’s anti-gay agenda?”

And now, just two years later, the New York Times writes that the first lady has usually worn red, white, and blue dresses at Independence Day celebrations and that she “knows her symbolism,” so maybe there is something there after all.

What do you think? Was Melania Trump giving subtle support to us and protest to her husband? Or, are people looking too deeply?


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