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They became engaged earlier this year

It seems that actor Russell Tovey may be single following a split from fiancé Steve Brockman.

The information comes via Tovey’s Instagram.

One day ago, he posted a selfie in the gym. In the comments of the post, he answered some fans’ questions.

Russell Tovey

One person asked Tovey if he was still with Brockman.

The answer was a very simple ‘no, darling’.


A scroll through Tovey’s Instagram also reveals a lack of photos with and of Brockman, when they defnitely used to exist.

Nothing else beyond the comment has been confirmed.

However, there aren’t any recent photos of Tovey on Brockman’s Instagram either. The last one was from mid-March.

Russell Tovey

Celebrity couples splitting up

Reports in February alleged that Tovey and Brockman became engaged and shared the news with friends and family.

They are not the only gay celebrity couple to split after getting serious and getting engaged (and sometimes married).

Colton Haynes and his husband Jeff Leatham split in May after six months of marriage.

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