Sunmi holding a Rainbow Pride flag during one of a “Danger” world tour performance (in a noticeably different outfit than the viral video) / Image via AllKpop

Did Sunmi just come out as LGBT?

Lee Sunmi is a singer and performer from South Korea who debuted in the girl group the Wonder Girls. The group was one of the first Kpop artists to reach some form of success in America’s music scene (before internet senssation Psy and global sensation BTS). Sunmi, however, branched out into a solo career and is currently trending for a recent performance abroad.

While performing in Holland, Sunmi took a moment to talk to fans. She expressed how she is as human as anyone else. She has other sides to herself than just being a pop star.

“Yeah, I have many different sides of me. Like, ‘dorky’ and LGBT-” said the singer before concert fans erupted into applause.

While the moment has instantly trended online, it also comes with much speculation. While Sunmi’s statement, and photos where she’s holding a bi flag and a rainbow flag, would normally be something to celebrate, there is some legitimate confusion about Sunmi’s message.

During the applause and cheers for Sunmi’s LGBT statement, Sunmi says the line, “LGBT… LGBT Queen.” This then brings up the concern that Sunmi wasn’t coming out, but stating that she’s supporting her LGBT fans. Meaning, she’s an ally, but not a member.

But, of course, Sunmi could also mean that she’s LGBT and a queen. (And at the end of the day, aren’t we all). Thus, it’s really just a matter of how listeners interpreted her words.

Sunmi holding a Bi Pride flag during one of a “Danger” world tour performance (in a noticeably different outfit than the viral video) / Image via AllKpop

Though, we also have to factor in the above photos of Sunmi holding up a bi pride flag and rainbow pride flag at separate moments. Given the fact that she’s wearing different clothes in all three instances, there is some question of whether or not these were planned events. Possibly in the vein of other LGBTQ-supportive singers like Madonna, Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, and more creating songs/performances in support of their fans.

But, of course, someone who identifies as LGBT can also specifically identify as bisexual. And a bisexual person has every right to hold up both the bi flag and the rainbow flag.

Ultimately, we may need some clearly stated confirmation on what Sunmi is saying in this video. But until we do, we can take it at face value and celebrate Sunmi celebrating LGBT life and love.

Happy Pride, everyone.


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