Disney’s descent into indecency continues…

The Disney Channel recently featured two anti-family story lines that shocked audiences around the globe.

One of the Disney’s new TV shows, Andi Mack, features the first gay storyline on the Disney Channel. In a recent episode, a 13-year-old character “realizes” he is gay and “comes out” to his friends. His friends accept and affirm his same-sex attractions, and they applaud him for expressing his “true self.”

This anti-family storyline already forced Kenya to pull Andi Mack from their airwaves. Ezekial Mutua, chief executive of Kenya’s Film Classification Board, said that he opposes “any attempt to introduce gay programming.”

A separate show on Disney’s XD Channel recently featured both a same-sex kiss and a male princess. The Christian Post reported that an episode of Star vs. The Forces of Evil “featured the character of Marco Diaz disguising himself as a princess named Turdina, in what LGBT-friendly outlets called a bold statement.” Earlier this year the same show “featured a scene with same-sex couples kissing.”

Family audience beware… the Disney Channel is not for families who are not comfortable with their children being indoctrinated by anti-family storylines.

These topics are not appropriate fodder for a TV show geared towards a young, family audience. These conversations should happen when parents feel it is appropriate and in accordance with the values of the family.

We will not support Disney while they feature content that is not appropriate for families. Are you with us? If so, please sign this petition to send a letter directly to Disney.

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  1. good for Disney, time they catch up with the real world. Personally not sure why you call it indecent. tells me the Meaws does not follow their own mission statement.

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