No diving yet – just a gentle flop in the pool with an inflatable ring

British Olympic diver Tom Daley has posted the loveliest photo (above) of son Robbie’s first ever pool visit.

Daley posted pics of the pool visit on his Instagram account, showing little Robbie safely inside an inflatable ring. He was being guided by the hands of his doting dad.


‘Robbie went in the pool for the first time today! To be in the water with our son felt so special. He LOVED it!’ Daley wrote on the Instagram post.

Daley, who is a British Olympic gold medal winning diver, would be the best instructor, if Robbie ever felt like following in his dad’s footsteps.

Not to be outdone, Robbie’s other dad also posted a picture of Tom and baby Robbie on his Instagram account.

Like a Daley to water!
Clearly a family day out, Black wrote: ‘Robbie’s first time in the water with Papa! They both loved it. I watched.’ He added the hashtag #takeyourkidtoworkday.

Black had just returned from the US where he was shooting a short film in support of the Equality Act. He earlier posted a photo of himself on location with Hollywood legend Sally Field filming with the US Human Rights Campaign.

Daley and husband, Oscar-winning Hollywood director, Dustin Lance Black, had Robbie, their first child, in June last year.

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