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Fact Or Fiction?

Okay…so, PEGGING! I just told you that I discovered this term today and I couldn’t be more mind blown. I mean, yeah, I totally knew what some couples did behind closed doors. I’m not completely naïve to the world. However, I wasn’t aware of how incredibly popular it is. When I visit my hometown and see heterosexual friends I’ve grown up with…am I going to be curious if they’ve gotten into the kink of Pegging? Absolutely! I’m already thinking of ways to bring it up in conversation. I might start a round of Hang Man just to drop the word in conversation. While my creative mind is working rapidly, I couldn’t help but wonder: Are women better at penetration than men?

I began thinking about this recently. If you’re a fan of the Showtime series Shameless, you may have seen the most recent episode. In a comedy bit, one of the female characters has her female friend perform oral sex on her in front of her husband. She finishes quickly – when questioned, she claims a woman knows how and where to please another woman; thus making the job easy from start to finish. While I’ve never been – or been with – a woman, I cannot tell you anything from experience. However, are women really penetrating men?! Do I now have more competition in the world knowing my heterosexual girlfriends could be a better top than me?!

Seriously though, can a guy perform better fellatio with another man…simply because they are men? Is this a myth, narcissism, or proven facts? I won’t sit here and lie to you, I’ve hooked up with a few men who identify as heterosexual. They were the absolute worst partners I’ve ever been with. It could’ve been nerves, but…I’ll never try another due to the lack of pleasure I personally received. This is exactly why I believe a female could potentially make a great top. I don’t believe it has anything to do with your genitalia, but perhaps your experience?

Do you think a man can please a man better than any woman? What’s your Instinct?

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