If you’ve already read our review of Pure for Men, you already know that we appreciate any products that make staying “clean” easier and more painless. As proud bottoming enthusiasts, we strongly believe in not shying away from the topics that others might be more ashamed or embarrassed to talk about when it comes to personal hygiene “down there,” which is why we intend to talk about any similar topics with as much directness and shamelessness as we can. Staying in this same spirit, it is our hope to convert you to the easy-to-use bidet attachments by TUSHY and enjoy the cleanliness benefits we have grown so accustomed to over the past year.

In full transparency, my boyfriend and I purchased our first
bidet attachment by TUSHY about a year ago. We were contacted by TUSHY with a
request to do a review of their product which we gladly accepted given that we
were already impressed by its benefits. Like other products we choose to
showcase with our beloved audience (you), we want you to know that we
personally enjoy this product and recommend it with sincerity, so many of the
photos you’ll see included in this article are our own.

If you are someone who:

  1. Poops
  2. Wants to have a clean butt after pooping
  3. Enjoys sharing your clean butt with other people
    who enjoy clean butts

…then you will want to listen to our reasons for why we love
TUSHY. As a brief advisory, be warned that we are not going to shy away from
language related to passing bowel movements. After all, why should we be
ashamed? Everybody poops.

TUSHY makes a bidet attachment with an extremely intuitive and simple design that doesn’t require you to install anything complicated or costly in order to benefit from using a bidet. Just in case you are not familiar (as for some of our American audience the concept might be novel), a bidet is a plumbing fixture that essentially shoots clean water toward your butt in order to clean it after pooping. They are VERY common in many parts of Europe and Asia, and it is a mystery to me why more Americans don’t use them.

For the sake of revealing some intimate information about
myself, I am personally pretty anal (yes, pun intended) about staying clean
“down there.” As weird as it may sound, growing up I was raised to dampen
toilet paper with water in order to get a better clean after pooping. Of course
I thought this was normal as a child, but as I grew up I learned that this was
not as common as I thought. I guess most Americans don’t mind using scratchy
stiff toilet paper to only partially clean their hole after going to the
bathroom and proceeding to walk around only partially clean for the rest of the
day. Continues to flabbergast me to this day.

If you’ve ever visited France for example (or perhaps you
are from France), you’ve probably seen bidets as separate mini-sinks for your
butt that are standalone from the toilet fixture. As much as I had always
wanted a bidet myself, it’s almost impossible to find apartments in Los Angeles
with these separate bidet sinks. Thus I had resorted to using my toilet paper +
water method for the majority of my adult life.

That was, however, until I found TUSHY. What makes TUSHY so
unique is that the bidet attachment doesn’t require a separate toilet sink to
be built out, but can rather attach to the seat of your existing toilet in an
unobtrusive, easy manner. In order to make the water work, all you have to do
is connect TUSHY to the clean water supply your toilet already uses (the supply
that fills up the back of the toilet every time you flush), so it literally can
work with any standard toilet. Since no electricity, plumbing, or other
significant alterations need to be made in order to get it to work, there’s
really no excuse to at least try it.

We want to be very clear – some of the reasons we are going to share with you probably don’t represent what the product’s design was intended for. However, we believe these reasons are best suited for our primarily gay audience, which is why we are sharing them with you. Here are 5 reasons we love the bidet attachment by TUSHY.

Like I mentioned above, this bidet attachment is EXTREMELY easy to install. It literally sits right underneath your toilet seat, and fits on most standard two-piece toilets. It also works with nearly any flexible steel hose, so connecting the water source is a breeze as well. I personally have two bathrooms with two different toilet types in my apartment, and I got TUSHY installed onto both in under 15 minutes each. Their website reveals more with regard to which toilets their products work on (which is almost any toilet type), in addition to how to install.

As much as I love (and require) a pristine hole, shooting ice-cold water against your butthole in the mornings can be a rude awakening to say the least. Fortunately, the TUSHY Spa offers all the functionality of the regular TUSHY, plus temperature control. This way you can control the temperature of the water being released, which results in a far more enjoyable experience.

As I was writing this review, I was curious to see what actual wording the website uses to describe this functionality. Kudos to the creative who wrote their clever, cheeky copy: “Just like taking a selfie, everyone has their angle. Adjust the stream for a precise clean.” Needless to say, this message couldn’t be more accurate. The control pad on the side of the bidet not only allows you to dial up or down the water pressure, but also adjust the angle at which the water shoots at your hole. This way you don’t have to do the angling yourself, but easily make the product adjust to you.

 Like we mentioned
above, some of the reasons we are going to list out do not necessarily
represent what the product is actually intended to do. This is one of those

If you’ve read our guide on the Dangers
of Excessive Douching
, you already know that this topic is one that
we care about. As we reviewed in the article, excessive douching with saline
water can be dangerous for your anus, and can even harm the healthy bacteria we
keep in this part of the body. That being said, the occasional douche with
regular water before sex is sometimes a necessary process, and we’ve found that
the TUSHY offers this functionality. Assuming that the nozzle of your TUSHY is
angled correctly, we’ve found that you can actually increase the pressure
enough (without hurting yourself) to shoot water into the butt and perform an
enema, the same way you would with an enema bulb. You can do so by relaxing the
anus while shooting water in for several seconds, holding the water inside of
you for about a minute, and then releasing until the water that comes out of
you is clear.

We’ve noticed this worked best when you are also able to angle your torso in a way that create an easy and ergonomic way for the water to leave your rectum. We personally use the Squatty Potty when douching in order to ensure that all of the water is able to come out.

Again, just to be clear, we don’t believe that this is something the creators of TUSHY intended the product to be used for. However, since it’s worked so well for us, we wanted to share that little detail with you.

Again to reiterate – it pretty much blows my mind that most
people are just fine about walking around with semi-poopy holes all day without
cleaning with water after using the restroom. It really does. In the semi-rare
chance that you’re like me and have used wet toilet paper all of your life to
clean yourself after using the bathroom, you already know how much of a pain in
the ass (yes, another pun) that process can be. With TUSHY, I know that I am
clean every time. I don’t have to waste nearly as much toilet paper (only a
small amount to dry myself after using the water), and I never have to worry
whether I’m completely clean or not.

In keeping with the transparency we want to serve our
readers every time we publish content, we thought it would be important to
share the only downside we have experienced using this product. It isn’t so
much of a downside, really, but perhaps something you just have to get used to
when using a bidet in general.

When the water shoots out of the faucet to clean your bum,
it’s hard to control the splashes of water that might end up on your butt
cheeks or other areas of your butt. Don’t be worried – this isn’t dirty water,
but it is water nonetheless that might make you uncomfortable the first few
times you use the product. I personally use a bit of toilet paper to dry myself
off after using TUSHY, but other people might prefer non-paper towels for a
dry. This splashing of water also sometimes gets on the toilet seat, so just be
sure to clean those droplets off before the next person uses your restroom.

With TUSHY, you are guaranteed a pristine, clean bum every time. The ability to control the pressure as well as the temperature of the water is truly the icing on the cake (well…your cakes). If you poop, prefer to be clean after going to the bathroom, and you don’t feel like spending about a thousand dollars to install a bidet sink in your bathroom, you might just enjoy TUSHY as much as we do.

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