We’ll take one of each please!

It perhaps depends a little on your relationship goals, but some people don’t consider a relationship as serious until it’s Instagram official. Dave and AJ are the epitome of an Instagram power-couple – attractive guys who are happy to share the intimacy of their relationship with the world and more than happy to push a bit of product in the process.

Join us on a quick swipe through their Instagram feed to admire their underwear choices.

Dave and AJ for Garçon Model

It’s clear that Dave and AJ are loving their Garçon Model underwear selection, with the full range of briefs and boxers on display.

Dave and AJ share a kiss while both sporting the Collins Brief. The Collins is a classic white option, available as a brief or a short. Soft and stretchy, this is a modern update of timeless white underwear.

Want to brighten up your underwear collection? Then try out the lovely Mansion Trunk. The hot pink of the Mansion style is definitely eye-catching – whether it’s peeking over the top of your jeans, or putting on a display in the locker-room, this is underwear to get you noticed.

Jock-straps can be interpreted in lots of different ways – maybe you’re really sporty; maybe you just like to showcase your best assets. The Dade Jock is stylish and understated – if that’s possible in a jock-strap.

With its bright color pop, the Lincoln Jock seems designed for younger guys who want to flash their credentials and attract some attention and adoration. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

The boys are showcasing the new sport collection from Garçon Model. You can get the newest collection in either a brief or trunk, available to buy online and shipped around the world.

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