Editor's article - Who am I?

This question has haunted me for the past 10 years or so and I have yet to find an answer to it. Who am I? I could say I am a regular guy, but there is always something behind this statement. None of us are just plain regular. We all have impressive life stories, our own demons to fight with and drama that we need to overcome, but what truly makes you special it is not what you need to endure, but how you can deal with what comes at you. Some of us are losers and some are fighters and eventually winners. It is all in your mind.

Editor's article - Who am I?

My story? I was born gay, but in a wrong time and, most obviously, in the wrong place.

I live in Romania, a statement that is self-explanatory. Romania is over 90% Christian and the same percentage stands for the respect that people hold for their traditions and preconceptions. Needless to say that being gay had to be “my thing” and mine alone. I never even considered sharing my story to anyone, let alone actually doing it. There are two things that I really hate about my country and probably most of you can relate with them: one is the fact that people are extremely reluctant to everything that challenges their belief system; the other is that they hate what they don’t understand. Romanian society still does not understand gays and it is a fact that will be extremely hard to educate and eventually eradicate. They find it difficult to accept that one’s choice is “bulletproof”, that you cannot simply impose your will on anybody and that all of us are free to make decisions that will influence our future lives.

I have been educated in a Christian family, but religion never played an important role in my education, since none of my family members were firm believers. Why am I saying this? Because the most commonly used argument against the LGBT community is closely related to “God’s will”. I have never had that issue, but I have never discussed it too much either with my relatives. But I know how they feel about the subject. They still consider that gays are “deranged people”. I have only had one boyfriend in the past 4 years and we had to break up due to the social pressure and the risk involved.

I believe I am now more mature and I understand what has to be done in order to take myself out of this obnoxious climate and bring my contribution to the LGBT community fighting that tries to establish new values in regard to the human being’s right to happiness and freedom. This is how I discovered Meaws.com, an amazing team of people dedicated to the same goals that I hold and I knew this would be an opportunity to put a value on my abilities. I know I can bring a change in the world and the matter of fact is that we can all do it in our own ways. Everyone’s opinion matters, because every society rules are manmade and every man making a statement influences how the society develops over time.

I found Meaws.com to be like a second family and the collective of talented people are determined to change societies all over the globe. I joined them and through our efforts combined, we hope to alter the world as it is. We believe in acceptance as the key factor towards a healthy society and freedom as the necessary outcome.

I still have a long way to go until I will find redemption, but I know I will do it eventually. I know I can change the world, because I want to. We all can do it. It is just a matter of will.

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