Is this the cutest thing you’ll see all year? Quite possibly.

The latest episode of Elders React, in which old people sit down and watch various pop culture videos, sees the adorable elders watch the Pixar-like animated short In A Heartbeat.

With over 21 million views on YouTube, the 4-minute clip is a certified viral hit, and its success is made all the more sweet by the fact that it tells the story of a same-sex crush between two school kids.

If you need a reminder, or you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here.

When watching the video, all of the elders react positively to the two boys sharing their hearts with each other, and some get a little bit emotional…

“It would make a little boy who feels warmly about another little boy feel better, to see this and make them feel that it’s not something terrible,” explains one of the women.

When asked if such a film would have been possible – or would have been as popular – back when they were younger, all the elders gave a resounding no.

“I’m sure there were little boys who felt like that,” one of them said, “but it was just completely unacceptable [back then].

“That’s when your sexuality starts developing, and if you don’t develop it the way the other kids are developing it, it’s probably a very strange, bad feeling. This [film] would validate the fact that you’re okay.”

Watch the adorable video below:

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