Ellen DeGeneres & GapKids

“Be You!”

“Be your own hero!”

Yes, they are indeed old clichés. And maybe not ‘oh!’, so original within cultures where being-yourself is simply the norm of living these days. However, when these same slogans are applied to budding teenage girls, especially, in relation to their fashion sense there is startling impact. Ellen DeGeneres, famous lesbian comedian is once again making limelight rounds with a spanking new clothing line courtesy of the Gap, the popular designer brand.

Ellen DeGeneres & GapKids


Launching GapKids x ED, a new clothing line designed to encourage girls to make a statement of their individuality through what they wear. Deviating from stereotype fashion, DeGeneres follows her own non-gender specific fashion sense. ‘I want to make sure everyone knows what makes you different right now. And that will make you stand out later in life’ she told her fans at recently concluded Teen Choice Awards night. ‘You should be proud of being different and proud of who you are’ she insists. The comedian who was among the first to brave announcing her gay status has strongly supported the notion of ‘true-self’ for a long time. The GapKids new clothing collection encourages girls everywhere to be just that – by doing what makes them happy and taking pride in being what they are.

Ellen DeGeneres & GapKids


The ad-campaign manifests around six girls aged seven to twelve with each girl displaying her unique talent in drumming, skateboarding, dancing and building robots as they model jeans, jackets and tees from the collection. Different garments in neutral shades of brown, beige, gray, green, etc. offers powerful arsenal for girls rebelling against the concept of pinking everything for the sake of gender cueing.  To be specific it is expected to spark interest among those born after 1995 known as Generation Z. According To Gap a hefty chunk of sales from GapKids x ED designed by Ellen DeGeneres will go towards boosting confidence among girls through the non-profit organization Girls Inc.

Ellen DeGeneres & GapKids


The collection focuses on classic and comfy looks void of any gender clichés or cues and falls under the category of ‘normcore’ fashion. So we wait to see, will this be the new cool look embraced by girls everywhere?

So what is the opinion of GapKids clothing line designer Ellen DeGeneres. Let’s watch:

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