Ellen Page vs Ted Cruz
"I am here today because I am gay!" Ellen Page

It’s hard to determine if Ellen Page loves controversy or controversy loves Page. Either way the Halifax, Canada born actress is once again in the limelight. This time she was caught on camera at a fair in the Iowa State last Friday as she engage in a heated argument with presidential runner Sen. Ted Cruz over LGBT rights.

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The vivacious actress simply walked up to the senator as he was grilling hamburgers on a barbecue grill at the fair. Soon it was the Senator himself put on the grill as Ellen Page launched her Q&A session with Cruz on the injustice of people fired for acknowledging their gay or transgender status in life. Ellen Page was insistent on getting the Senator to make his stand clear on LGBT rights, religious liberty and freedom. Her questioning took the line of establishing Cruz’ view on the laws that are implemented for protecting religious freedoms, but in effect are being used to discriminate LGBT people.

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Ellen Page was on a roll as ABC News captured every moment of the sizzling debate with the sizzling pork chops in the background. During the interaction Page said, ‘there are a lot of religious people who used the bible for defending segregation and defending slavery. The LGBT people are very worried they will be directly discriminated against’.

Cruz’ response was that he believed no person should be forced to abandon his or her faith simply to accommodate someone else. The Senator has during his political career been very vocal about his beliefs in Christian marriages which should be between a man and a woman. He backed his argument with the words ‘at the end of the day, we should not be doing is to persecute people for living according to their faith’.

Ted Cruz had earlier pledged support on the controversial religious freedom act and known politician against gay marriages. Page admitted to being gay early last year with a public coming out speech. She then turned the line of questioning towards LGBT people losing their jobs because of their sexual preferences.

‘What about question of LGBT people fired for being gays and trans” she asked. In response Cruz, ‘What we are seeing now is Bible believing Christians who are being persecuted for’. At which point Page interjected, ‘for discrimination against LGBT people!’

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‘No, it is for living according to their own faith’, Cruz retorted. As per ABC News ironically the Senator was not aware that the beautiful woman in sunglasses and hat that was tussling him on LGBT rights for a full five minutes was a famous actress who had publicly admitted her gay status. In her coming out speech in 2014 Page mentioned, ‘I am here today because I am gay! Because I can make a difference by helping others have an easier and hopeful time. And regardless for me, I feel a personal obligation and social responsibility’.

Page plans to feature the viral video of their intense exchange on her show Gaycation with Ellen Page on Vice Media shortly.

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