After almost 50 years touring around the world, fabulous musical icon Elton John has announced that he will be retiring after his farewell tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road.

Elton John sat down with Anderson Cooper for an exclusive YouTube streaming event to make the announcement. Last year, Elton suffered from a very serious bacterial infection, but that didn’t stop him, nor is it the reason why he is retiring. In reality, Elton shared that he would like to devote his time after his tour to his family. He married his husband, David Furnish, in 2014 and they have two children with whom Elton wishes to spend as much time with.

The tour will last three years and that will be the end for the crocodile rocker.

During the interview, Elton shared with Anderson:

It’s a way of saying thank you and it’s a way of going out with a bang. I don’t want to go out with a whimper, I want to go out with a big bang.

I want to leave people thinking, I saw the last tour and it was fantastic.

The interview begins with a beautiful homage to Elton’s career as a powerhouse in the music industry and as a gay icon. A career that skyrocketed after a performance at The Troubadour in West Hollywood in 1970.

Ticket sales for the Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour go on sale February 2nd. If you want to experience his music live…this will be your last chance!

Check out the announcement here (skip to around 5:40 where it really starts):

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