The rising singer-songwriter won us over last year with her infectious seven-track mini album Seven Scenes From The Same Summer, which put queer romance front-and-centre to the sound of chilled out pop beats.

Now she’s back with her debut EP, PDA, which features massive pop anthems such as Damn Good Liar (one of our favourite songs of 2018 btw) and Too Girl, as well as two new tracks – the title song and Ahead of Yourself.

PDA is now available on iTunes and streaming services. If you’re a pop fanatic, you’ll love – listen below.

Since releasing her debut single Bitch, Emily has built a passionate fanbase and has accumulated more than 20 million streams. She has also been completely open about her sexuality from the start of her music career.

“It was very important because I didn’t want it to be this big reveal at any point,” she told Gay Times last year. “When I was 13/14 and growing up listening to music, I was really wanting there to be somebody who was putting music out who was open.

“I was like, ‘Is this normal, how I’m feeling?’ I want to be someone who those 13/14/15-year-olds now can listen to and look at me and my career and realise that it is normal. I wouldn’t want to make a big deal out of it. It’s just a regular thing.”


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