The 20-year-old victim was shocked no passersby came to his aid despite appealing for help

An English student was viciously beaten in Bologna, Italy, on Sunday evening. His assailants spat and shouted at him from a car, ‘Hey, are you a faggot?’, before jumping out and running after him.

When they caught up with the 20-year-old, they subjected him to a vicious beating, according to Republica. The young man suffered a broken nose and head injury.

The attack happened in the historic district of Via Galliera in the center of the city.

The victim told Republica that he was sat on a bench eating a pizza waiting to meet up with a friend when the men – believed to be Italian – began shouting at him. At first he tried to ignore them.

‘I pretended not to hear, but they were shouting: “So you’re a faggot? Why are you a faggot? Do you want fifty euros to get in the car?”’

He says he decided to just walk away to avoid their harassment, but three men got out of the car and pursued him to Piazzetta San Giuseppe.

To his horror, they started to attack him. He shouted for help, but says no passersby came to his aid. One of the attackers tried to push his thumbs into his eyes.

‘I screamed for help but no one listened to me.’

The men punched and kicked him, before stealing his backpack and walking away.

Shocked by lack of help when he turned to strangers for help

The young man says he continued to appeal for help from strangers, but half a dozen people ignored him before a young woman came to his assistance. She helped him call the emergency services.

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