cast of season 8 are you the one

MTV just announced the that the upcoming season of its hit reality series Are You the One? will feature a sexually fluid cast.

No, not a sexually fluid cast member. An entire sexually fluid cast. As in, every single person on the show will have absolutely no gender limitations when it comes to who they love.

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Terrence J. will return as this season’s host. He will be joined by newcomer Dr. Frankie, a “relationship expert” who helps singles deal with the after effects of things like ghosting, benching, and stashing. His job will be to help coach the contestants and hopefully steer them away from falling into these dangerous dating traps.

MTV says this season of Are You the One? will also feature coming out moments, as well as teaching audiences about the nuances of sexual and gender identity and share powerful stories about finding love as a sexually fluid individual.

You can read about each cast member and see their individual photos .

Season eight of Are You the One? premieres on MTV on Wednesday, June 26.


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