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Eric hit back at Gus’ tweet that suggested the president’s daughter was not welcome in PyeongChang over the weekend

Donald Trump’s son Eric has hit back at Gus Kenworthy for criticizing Ivanka, the president’s daughter, on Twitter.

Many Team USA athletes were reportedly happy to meet her during the Games’ final weekend.

But Gus, 24, did not feel the same, tweeting: ‘tf is she doing here?’.

Eric Trump slams Gus Kenworthy’s comments as ‘disgusting’
After commenting on Twitter about his disdain, her brother Eric, 34, hit back on Fox & Friends.

‘It’s gross. It’s disgusting,’ Eric Trump said on the show when asked about the freestyle skier’s comments.

‘Ivanka’s beautiful. She’s elegant.

‘She was an incredible representative of this country and we should be very proud of her,’ he continued.

Eric also went on to compare his father’s administration to that of Barack Obama, suggesting that his children wouldn’t have been subject to the same scrutiny.

‘It should bother us as a society.

‘Can you imagine if Sasha or Malia [Obama] went over to the Olympics and somebody said that about them?

‘That’s not what the Olympics is about,’ he continued.

‘Honestly, tf is she doing here?’

On Sunday (25 February), Gus took to Twitter to thank Team USA – and chastise the first daughter.



But Gus’ views weren’t shared by everybody, with some athletes praising Ivanka for her attendance at the games.

Bobsledder Lauren Gibbs posted a picture of her with Ivanka.

She thanked the president’s daughter and implied that politics should not be a part of the games.


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