This December we covered the inspiring story of gay high school football team captain Jake Blain’s upcoming tenure at Indiana State University. Now things have gone from inspiring to awwwz-inducing as pics of Blain and his swim team boyfriend Hunter Sigmund attending prom together have hit the web!

At only nineteen-years-old, Blain has already made headlines for not only his sports career, but also for the discrimination he faced from Westboro Baptist Church after announcing his four years at Indiana State University. Westboro’s planned demonstration of hatred (and most likely severe closeted homosexuality) was met with thousands of Blain’s supportive schoolmates and community members – just showing that despite the Trump presidency, people are not going to stand for ignorance and bigotry.

But today is about Blain and eighteen-year-old Hunter Sigmund’s prom night, and from their accounts of the evening, it sounds like an amazing time was had by all! Sigmund stated, via OutSports:

Prom this year was amazing. It was my fourth school dance with Jake and I couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend our last high school dance.

Blain added:

This is the second year he and I have gone together, as well as to our homecoming dance the past two years, so this wasn’t the first time.

We have been the only openly gay couple at Burroughs since I’ve been here, but it isn’t a problem at all at our school. People treat us the same. It is nice to be able to go to prom with whoever you want and not have to worry about what other people might think.


Let’s all say it together – AWWWW! Good luck to the happy couple!

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