New Jersey & Philadelphia have known what the world is about to find out; the already much buzzed about social media maven Ariel Versace is much more than a pretty face. While she had some time to prove that on Season 11 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, she is now ready to take on the dance floor with her new single “Venomous”.


Set alternately between an industrial style warehouse, and her what looks to be Versace’s pink perfection bedroom, the video for “Venomous” showcases Versace literally dripping, and holding guest star Max Emerson as a prisoner of sorts, while at the same time, dancing a seduction laden dance with him. It would not be an Ariel Versace production without a night at the club, so the sequences of Versace letting loose in the fluorescent themed club are perfectly on brand.

Director Assaad Yacoub captures Versace at her most stunning, taking the self proclaimed “Life Sized Bratz Doll” into grown up territory, putting her femininity front and center. Versace exclusively tells me the song is about “embracing sexual power”. She goes on to tell me that the entire video concept is “awesome because it’s in reverse. If you want the real timeline of the story; you watch it backwards”..

Once you watch the smoldering chemistry that Yacoub capitalizes on with his direction, the story makes sense in both directions. “Venomous” is the perfect poisonous splash for Versace to make on the charts!

“Venomous” dropped today and is available on iTunes


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