Mark Crystalheart’s Life
They had become each other’s family in this vast and cruel city, and would forever stand to one another.

“Two bodies pulsing as one”

Hope you remember what happened with Mark and Antoan in the previous third series. 

…11th of October swiftly came, outside, the city was covered by a dark coat, and the stars were shining as never before. Mark was on his way to Antoan’s flat for his birthday party. In about 10 minutes, Mark rang his doorbell. Antoan didn’t expect this, with door’s opening he got stunned. Mark was, even more, charming and, even more, tempting that night. Antoan, deeply in himself, desired to dampen his lips right there and then, but he didn’t know how Mark would react, so he didn’t risk to scare him, and after a tight hug Mark went inside. Everyone there was seeing this angelic face for the first time, but nobody dared to approach him, so as they knew that Antoan had his eyes there. The night run along quickly, Mark drank and performed his erotic dances, leaving Antoan and his company in marvel.

Mark Crystalheart’s Life
The party was over and soon there was nobody else, except for them two –

The party was over and soon there was nobody else, except for them two. They were sufficiently drunk. Antoan approached Mark and enfolded his slender waist.

gays jerking

Mark didn’t resist at all. Both had a moment of peering in each other’s eyes, at another, their lips merged and their eyelids fall. There was passion, a lot of passion as if they had waited this moment for years. Antoan pushed Mark down onto the sofa, and the passionate kissing continued, Mark belonged to him now.

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