Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, an organization labeled an anti-LGBT hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, was left homeless by the destructive flooding that has ravaged southern Louisiana this week, killing 11 people and destroying an estimated 40,000 homes.

perkinsPerkins, who has claimed that God uses natural disasters such as hurricanes and flooding to punish people for sinning (in particular homosexuals and their supporters), had his own home destroyed by the Lord Almighty. The hate group leader says he was forced to escape his destroyed home by canoe, reports JMG.

Perkins called into his own radio show to talk about the disaster of “biblical proportions” that, according to Perkins, will force his family to live in a camper for the six months it will take to rebuild his home.

tony-perkins house
A picture of FRC President Tony Perkins’ flood damaged home [Facebook: Tony Perkins]
Perkins claims that God sent this deadly flood not to punish the gays but rather “as an incredible, encouraging spiritual exercise to take you to the next level in your walk with an almighty and gracious God who does all things well.” In fact, he urges Christians to rejoice that God considers them “worthy of suffering for his sake.”

Here’s just a small taste of the type of vile hatred Perkins has spewed against the LGBT community. Via Right Wing Watch:

  • Accused the government of backing “the promotion of same-sex relations” as part of its “push for population control.”
  • Said that “the human race would be extinct” if homosexuality were to become “normal.”
  • Defended Uganda’s “kill-the-gays” bill as a “laudable” effort “to uphold moral conduct.”
  • Claimed gay youth have a higher suicide rate because they intrinsically know their sexual orientation is “abnormal.”
  • Asserted that there is “a correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia” and that pedophilia “is a homosexual problem.”
  • Alleged that America’s enemies would celebrate the lifting of the military’s ban on transgender service members.
  • Said homosexuality is incompatible with evolution, which he doesn’t believe in.
  • Repeatedly predicted that a Supreme Court ruling in favor of gay marriage would lead to a “revolution” and “the dissolution of our republic.”
  • Urged states to defy court decisions in favor of marriage equality since they are “inconsistent with nature itself” and “certainly inconsistent with scripture.”
  • Claimed that the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling has led to an anti-Christian“onslaught” and “crackdown.”
  • Likened homosexuality to alcoholism and drug addiction.
  • Said lawmakers who backed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell have “the blood of innocent soldiers on their hands.”
  • Blamed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell for military suicides, sexual assaults, the Secret Service prostitution scandal and the inevitable reinstatement of the draft.
  • Claimed that militaries that allow LGBT people to serve openly — which includes Israel’s — are “the ones that participate in parades, they don’t fight wars to keep the nation and the world free.”
  • Claimed gay parents “provide distorted values to innocent adopted children.”
  • Urged gay people to seek conversion therapy to “escape the homosexual lifestyle.”
  • Asserted that gay marriage “perverts the word ‘love’” and has “exacerbated” problems facing the black community.
  • Called on troops to fight the gay “agenda” as an enemy within.

Check out the full list here.


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  1. He probably got that as karma anyways. This is an example of all haters getting shit to bite them hard after dishonorable actions.

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