gay marriages
Pastafarians are now allowed to perform gay marriages from a legal stance in New Zeeland.

It’s done: Pastafarians are now allowed to perform gay marriages from a legal stance in New Zeeland. For those of you who don’t know, the Flying Spaghetti Monster Church is a modern day religion whose adepts are being called Pastafarians and they worship a meatball-spaghetti monster for a God.

gay marriages
They worship a meatball-spaghetti monster for a God. –

Also, they specify that after you die you may end up in heaven (which has a beer volcano and a stripper factory. Hell is pretty much the same, the only difference is that the beer is staled and the strippers come with sexually transmitted diseases. It is actually a satirical atheist movement started by Bobby Henderson in 2005, when he wrote a letter to Kansas Board of Education, whose plans were to introduce the study of the intelligent design in biology classes. About one year after his letter he had already received thousands of letters from a lot of people, 95% of them containing supportive thoughts, while the rest were informing him that we will go to hell. Soon, his “religion” became an internet phenomenon and even Henderson said that the success of the movement amazed him.  Actually, its members began requesting the same social and legal benefits that every other religious proponent has. Thus, in 2011, Niko Alm got his driver’s license and he obtained the legal right to take a picture of himself wearing a colander. “My headwear has now been recognized by the Republic of Austria” he said at the time.

gay marriages
“My headwear has now been recognized by the Republic of Austria” –

Now, it is time for another change. The Flying Spaghetti Monster Church has received the legal permit to perform same-sex marriages and it is great news especially since New Zeeland only legalized same-sex marriages in 2013.

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  1. God has different names, different energies, and He’s the Supreme Actor! Does God have a Master-Plan? However, all Schools should TEACH Spiritual Wisdom, this is part of Saintly Leadership, and we do owe a greater debt to the Supreme Lord of all living beings… What’s your thoughts on excessive greed, killing over 44 billions innocent beings yearly, the seasonal pretenders, beating a dead horse, etc. Next, how often do the Elite Leaders follow the Laws of God for the welfare of all living beings??? However, September 1945 WWII ended, October 1945 United Nations (UN) established, and December 1945 the Gospel of Thomas was discovered!!!
    Some scientific proof and/or reasonable doubt why civilized human beings should become vegetarians! Carnivores (meat-eaters) have claws, no skin pores, perspires through tongue, sharp front teeth, no flat molar, intestinal track 3 times body length, strong stomach hydrochloric acid, etc. Whereas, HUMAN Beings have no claws, perspires through skin pores, no sharp front teeth, molars for grinding, intestinal tracks 12 times body length, 20 times weaker stomach acid than carnivores, etc. In addition, most herbivores have similar physiological comparisons as humans…
    It seems as if majority of the human meat-eaters are the caused for fueling excessive anger, violence, greed, lust, diseases, wars, and calamities worldwide!!! In order to restore a more PEACEful world, then majority of human beings need to become vegetarians or stay on veggies diet, and become God Conscious… Starvation is a myth, for example, the world’s cattle beef production alone consume a quantity of food equal to the CALORIC needs of approximately 8.7 billion people…
    Be the Change you wish to see in this World!!! Talk the TALK, but try walking the WALK for the FUTURE generations… ALL Living Beings DO Have Spirit Souls, and they are accompany by the Supreme Father, or The Supreme Soul, God!!! One Universal Love for a more PEACEful world… May God grants whatever is best for everyone to include the Atheists!!!!

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