Simon Dunn

Openly gay bobsledder Simon Dunn clearly has a thing for Christmas, and it’s a sexy thing.

Last year, he generously shared footage of himself stripped down to his skivvies and dancing and lip-synching (awkwardly, perhaps) to Mariah Carey, as we breathlessly reported.

And, because traditions must go on, the former Australian bobsledder (who’s now a rugby player and living in Canada) is once again putting his own flesh-baring spin on Christmas, and we aren’t angry about it in the slightest.

As Outsports reports, Dunn retired from bobsledding back in November, writing:

“The last few years have been a truly amazing experience. I’ve met some astonishing people and made memories I will cherish forever. For that I will always be grateful. I’ve felt a proudness in my own sexuality that I hadn’t felt in the 27 years prior. I’m finally comfortable in my own skin as a proud gay man.”

You can ogle more of him here.


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