When he heard his pastor deliver a homophobic sermon, church organist Jason Biel decided to walk out, and not look back.

Biel used to attend the local Adventist church in LaCombe, Alberta.

While speaking to the I’m From Driftwood project, he explains what happened:

“It was when the sermon started that things seem a little different. It wasn’t the usual head pastor who was doing the sermon. They had a chaplain from the university doing it.

“The service started like any other, I played the prelude and the hymns and sat down. And the pastor got up to give his sermon.

I can’t remember the exact topic, but it was along the lines of the address in Matthew 5, where people are told to be a light unto the world.

“And it sounded like it would be okay.

“That’s usually a good message to hear, because we were encouraged to address the world as we see it, often not very positive, and try to bring a message of hope.

“When he started referencing Leviticus 18, which is quite homophobic for lack of a better word, then I wasn’t really sure what to do.”


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