“Gay Country Boys” Give A Holler From Rural Life

“Gay Country Boys” Give A Holler From Rural Life

country boy

What exactly is a country boy?

According to Urban Dictionary, he is “a guy born and raised in the country. (Usually the American South.) A true country boy has rather short hair, and no piercings. They dress in nice, clean-looking clothes, and only wear ripped jeans to work in.”

The definition goes on to describe country boys as “strong, hard-working, and very masculine. Chances are, he drives a truck. In a relationship, a country boy is usually an old-fashioned gentleman.”

But can they be gay?

A recent Reddit thread titled Gay country boys? seeks to answer this question:

Any of you guys ever met a gay country boy, farm boy, or the redneck type? Just wondering. I’m a country boy and I personally don’t know anyone that is gay. Although I’ve wondered about a few guys before.

Well, it turns out, there are quite a few gay country boys living our in rural America.

country boy“Red neck farm boy here,” one guy writes. “Born and raised in the middle of nowhere. So, yup, we exist.”

“Gay country boy checking in from Iowa,” another guy says. “Grew up on a hog farm, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, mudding. … I’ll always be a country boy at heart.”

“I spent the first eighteen years of my life living and working on a family ranch in east Texas,” a third guy writes. “Got my degree in Agricultural Science, and I’m employed in the livestock industry. I’ve just contentedly resigned myself to the fact that it’s my lot in life to work with cattle.”

“I live in Oklahoma, and three quarters of the Grindr profiles here are for guys with pickup trucks looking for someone to go hunting/fishing/mudding with,” a fourth one says.

farm boyThen there are those who aren’t country boys themselves but who are attracted to them.

“I always think country gay boys are hot,” one guy writes. “Also, Brokeback Mountain, right? That’s very country.”

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