gay proposal

British singer and songwriter Ellie Goulding became a witness of gay proposal right at her concert. Ellie came to San Jose, California with her Delirium World Tour, the third headling world tour by the singer. All the people at the concert admired how the gent asked his boyfriend to marry him right on the stage standing nearby the singer.

gay proposal

And Ellie told about this proposal after the concert: “While I was singing that song, a gentleman was trying to tell me something,” Goulding said after inviting the boys to make their way to the stage. “And I think I got it right. The stage is yours!”

The lucky guy got down on his knee in front of the entire auditorium that was cheering.

This proposal was projected onto large screens set on the stage, and of course, everyone tried to catch this moment on their phones.

One man from the auditorium even shared the photo from this concert proposal on his page on Instagram and added:

“Literally the cutest and most magical thing I have experience at any rave, festival or show. It’s crazy how much the gay community has changed in just a year. So happy this gay proposal happened at @elliegoulding

Watch this live proposal:


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