gay couple

The couple is calling on everyone to become CPR certified.

gay couple

Karlton Brown and his husband Paul Fogarty-Brown were eating at a Morton’s Steakhouse on Tuesday (January 1) and noticed a fellow diner choking. The CPR-certified men told WPTV they gave the woman CPR until the item was dislodged, saving her life.

“She lost consciousness,” says Paul Fogarty-Brown. “And then her pulse, her heart stopped. And at that stage it was, pumping her heart, he was pumping her upper gastric trying to dislodge the food and stuff.”

“She is completely purple, her forehead, her eyes, her lips, and I said to him quietly, ’We are not going to lose her, we are not going to lose her,’” Brown told the outlet.

Brown, who is a volunteer firefighter, has to go through CPR training every two years.

Fogarty-Brown told the outlet they both like to go to basic life support training just in case of an emergency.

And if you’re looking for a new year’s resolution, the couple says more people should go through CPR and BLS training.

The woman was taken to Boca Regional Medical Center, where she’s now in stable condition.

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