gay nephew

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A woman named Natalie was having dinner at a restaurant in Addison, TX when she overheard the table next to her strike up a conversation.

It was a Christian couple. They were discussing their “awful, gay nephew” who “they need to pray for.” Natalie, a lesbian who used to work for the Human Rights Campaign, didn’t say anything to the couple. She didn’t butt in or try to confront the couple.

Instead, she paid for their meal then left the following note on their receipt:


gay nephewNatalie left before she had a chance to see the couple respond. After posting her story to Facebook, it has been shared by nearly 60 people and liked over 600 times and counting.

“This is how we beat hate,” one person commented on the post. “I love it!”

“The world is made better by actions of compassion and love,” another person said. “Thank you!”

“This is love. This is amazing,” a third person wrote. “God bless you.”


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