Gay facts: Does size matter?

The famous question. So famous that it is still causing rumors despite having being tackled so many times. We are all familiarized with listening what girls have to say in the matter, but let’s change our perspective and look into the…gay aspect of the issue. Now we will avoid the extremes, because the answer is obvious in those cases. If you are the proud owner of a clit with balls, your life sucks, plain and simple.

Gay facts: Does size matter?

The other end of the line is represented by the majestic horse hose and while you may be tempted to envy those possessing it, you will have to think big in terms of love-holes. Like BIG big.


Gay facts: Does size matter?

Not nice, not many options. So we will only look at the, more or less, regular big, enough to look appealing and just right to not devastate your rectum. Which you may cherish. So we have asked several gay couples about their love life and based on their answers, we have compiled 5 different points of view that we considered to be relevant enough:

  1. Big means inventive

Gay facts: Does size matter?

That doesn’t sound nasty enough, trust me. The things I’ve heard… So, the deal is that owing a large and fat blue-vein sausage can open the door to all sorts of dirty plays, some of which would make Eli Roth jealous. There were quite a few couples stressing that out so we just have to trust their words.

  1. Big means pain

In your brown-hole. As hospitable as you may be, sometimes you just can’t handle your guest. That is even worse when the guest just insists of coming in and refuses to leave. Some of the guys we have interviewed complained about having real nightmares about large and abominable beasts hunting their rectums. The sad part? I am not even kidding…

  1. Big means pleasure

Oh yea, apparently there are those guys who like to feel the pleasure in their chest. And it seems like a huge heat-seeking moisture missile is exactly what turns them one. Eventually inside out, but that’s for another talk.

4. Big means no sex

Well, I could see that coming from a mile away. Some of the guys were complaining they have problems in finding the willing partner. No wonder, who wants to die impaled by the flesh-stick while trying to find pleasure? They said that the mere sight of the beast immediately discourages many of their mates.

  1. Big means…addiction?

This is kind of a weird fact. It seems like some of the couples involving at least one partner having a third leg, are actually more welded than others. This is because, one of the partners considers that he can’t find anything better than that. And that the seize that usually brutalizes his behind is quite nice. Can’t argue with that, I wouldn’t know.

Now, as a fun fact, we have also asked those involved in the study what would they change when talking about the size of their penises. The answers were quite frightening. It seems like around 74% of them would prefer them BIGGER. Unleash the monster, please!Gay facts: Does size matter?

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