Being catfished — i.e. being duped by someone who uses a fake online persona — is typically a frustrating experience. Unless, of course, you’re the lucky Reddit user who said the guy who catfished him “was even better looking than the fake pics he sent.”

“Happened about two weeks ago,” the Redditor wrote. “It was really odd. The guy was not the same guy in the photo at all, but he was more muscular and looked like a f*cking model. He looked way better than the photo he sent me. His dick pics even looked fake. [His] was much bigger and the butt [was] bigger and more muscular. I went back and looked at the pics after I left his place. It was so f*cking odd. His apartment was really nice and expensive too.”

“Makes me think he was maybe someone well-known,” the Redditor concluded. “Gay life is weird.”

Commenters on the post shared their hypotheses about the situation. “Probably a celebrity or just someone who doesn’t want his real pics out there,” one wrote. “Also some VGL [very good-looking] people are sometimes too good looking to actually be successful on apps. They look better than most people so some people feel like they can’t live up and other VGL tend to be shallow assholes so I can see some VGL people using less GL pics just to get laid and meet real people who aren’t pic collecting, assholes or way out of their league.”

“I can see that,” another wrote. “When I see a VGL person I don’t even bother. (Never have never will.) The price of beauty.”


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