Gay horoscope
Equally true, we shit you not!

We hope you remember the first part of our funny Gay horoscope. Today our journey through the Zodiac continues and we’re bringing you the next 4 Zodiac signs. Equally true, we shit you not!


Gay horoscope
Leos are extremely proud –

Those born in this zodiac sign are charismatic and optimistic. They will always see the bright side, not matter what happens. Also, they are protective of others and when committed to a relationship, they tend to do it for good. I know, it sounds like we’ve just described Superman. But if you break their heart, they will never forgive nor forget. Never. So expect to see them under your window at night, silently watching you showering or undressing. Forever.

Also, Leos are extremely proud. Don’t ever offend them or tell them that they’re wrong. Not even when they obviously are. Actually, it’s best not to argue with them at all. For your own good, that is.

Celebrities born as Leo:

Mika, famous British pop singer

Bob Harper, personal trainer and writer, star of the The biggest loser series.


Gay horoscope
This is the opposite of Leo –

Ok, so this is the opposite of Leo. This means that Virgo individuals are not charismatic, are fussy and narrow-minded, hard-headed and they’re always victims of poor and violent relationships because they refuse to see the bad side in anyone. Even when they meet someone who is 100% bad. This is where the narrow-minded stuff comes in, remember?

Also, Virgo does his best to keep those around them happy and successful by all means and they would even sacrifice their comfort and wellbeing in order to please other people. One word pops into my mind right now: BDSM.

This being said, Virgo, please call me!

Celebrities born as Virgo:

Connor Franta one of the biggest Youtube vloggers.

Scott Evans, actor and brother of Chris Evans.


Gay horoscope
The good part about it is that Libra likes living in luxury, so you may want to consider this aspect –

This ought to be good. Ok, so Libra is highly emotional and constantly seeks the Prince Charming which he always dreamed about. Since his childhood. All that Libra wants is to live the happy life that he has always been dreaming of. It often happens that a Libra will switch off the world around them and immerse themselves into their frail and sensitive psyche where true happiness lies. It sounds like a dangerous mental condition, to be honest, but hey, these are the facts. Also, a lot of psychotic serial killers were Libra. They all liked to mentally regress to a higher state. This is riveting.

The good part about it is that Libra likes living in luxury, so you may want to consider this aspect if you’re thinking at getting involved in a relationship with one. Just remember to always carry a gun with you. And two 100lbs bodyguards. And lock yourself in the room at night.

Celebrities born as Libra:

Matt Bomer, the gorgeous actor everybody loves

Matt Dallas, American actor known from the Kyle XY series.


Gay horoscope
Here we go, we’ve just found a mate for Virgo –

Here we go, we’ve just found a mate for Virgo. Remember, the BDSM loving sign? Scorpio it’s actually the exact opposite. Those born in this sign are wise beyond their age. Far beyond. Even as kids they are known to be precocious, deep and very smart. Remember Benjamin Button? That’s right, Scorpio. He has the mentality of a winner and will always see himself in a leading position. Sexual or otherwise. If you want to please a Scorpio, stay out of his way. This is for your own safety, because he will prevail no matter what. He’ll sting the fuck out of you if you don’t.

Also, be aware that Scorpios are known to hide their feelings and constantly wear a mask. When they mean “no” they actually say “yes” and the same goes the other way around. Good luck with that!

Celebrities born as Scorpio:

Jodie Foster, world known actress

Chely Wright, American country music singer and gay rights activist.

Do you know some other gay celebrities who are Leo, Virgo, Libra or Scorpio? Then share with us!

Don’t miss the last part of our funny gay horoscope. It is coming soon!

To be continued..

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