Holland in his music video for “I’m Not Afraid.” / Image via Instagram @Holland_vvv

Holland is going abroad.

South Korea’s first openly gay singer shared yesterday (July 8th) that he’s having his first world tour. As Holland (real name Go Tae-seob) announced on Twitter, “Harlings! (his pet name for fans) I’m going on my first world tour!”

The singer then shared more news in a Youtube Video. In it, he referenced his debut song ”Neverland” by saying, “The title of my first world tour is Invitation from Neverland!”

But where’s he going? Turns out, he still doesn’t know and he wants his fans to decide for him.

“I can’t decide where to go,” he told fans in the video. “Because I don’t know where you are!”

Holland then urged his fans to go to MyMusicTaste to vote which cities should be on Holland’s world tour list.

This is a clever plan done by the musician and his team. With the singer still being fairly new and his fame pushed up by the fact that he’s the first openly gay singer in South Korea, there’s often a lot of international coverage and online fandom surrounding him. That said, it’s hard to gauge where exactly his devoted fans are located. By having the fans vote themselves, Holland can know where exactly to focus his attention not only for this tour but for the future.

So if you’re a fan of Holland and of openly gay singers, vote for the closest city to you now and go see the singer perform.


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