Meagan Fitzgerald (left) was proposed to by her now-fiancée Kelly Heath recently and she shared the good news during a live news segment. Screenshot via NBC video.

Pride Month is among us and it is a great time to celebrate who you are and know that who you are is enough. This was the message that NBC news anchor Meagan Fitzgerald shared on with June 3rd viewers as she announced that she recently got engaged to her fiancée, Kelly Heath, reports NBC

Fitzgerald acknowledged the fact it isn’t easy being gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender and that it takes a lot of courage to be your authentic self. She said that she knows this to be true as she too had to go through that journey of self-acceptance that many LGBTQ go through. Before announcing her engagement, she told viewers “It takes courage to be your true, authentic self — no matter who you are. But to the boys and girls watching, to the men and women who may still be struggling, it’s worth it.” These uplifting words are definitely appropriate for Pride Month and, in my opinion, is applicable to more than just LGBTQ people – basically, anyone who has had a difficult time accepting who they are. 

Fitzgerald has posted pictures of Kelly on her Instagram before but this Monday was the first time she has talked openly about her. She announced the engagement as a way to show people that being themselves is enough to obtain and maintain happiness. She also commented: “I felt like it was natural. People tune in to watch every morning; they’re our family and we’re theirs… and because it’s Pride month, I didn’t want to just make it about me. I want to help other people know that being different is OK.” Well… the wording at the end could have been better but I suppose we all get the point: you don’t have to be straight to be happy in this world.

Fitzgerald received overwhelming support after her announcement and she deserves it; getting engaged is a beautiful thing! Her message about being true to yourself regardless of the obstacles you may face is wonderful, as it captures the essence of pride. Pride in who you are, pride in living freely, pride in knowing that you are enough. 



Source: NBC


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